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Why Choose Us?
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Quality Landscape lighting is an investment you will enjoy year after year. Not only does landscape lighting add safety and security, it can literally transform the way your home looks, When The Sun Goes Down.

During daylight hours, the sun in all its brilliance provides an even light where everything is lit almost the same. Some very special futures can get lost in the crowd.

A well designed landscape lighting system can highlight features and provide a totally different view after dark. We can highlight the architectural features of your home so they pop, light up your walkways and pavers with path lights for safety, provide a warm welcome for guests and put a light on trees to give them a new life after dark.
Specialty light fixtures are architectural features themselves. Show off a low planting area with a special light that will reveal your tastes, whether it be a Tiffany, copper, brass, nautical, butterflies, tiki, dragonflies, lanterns, Miami, or pineapple. We have some decorator lights you are sure to love.

Do not forget the backyard. You will be amazed at how a tall tree in the back yard will add depth to your lot from the front yard when well lit at night. Lighting your pool is necessary for night use safety, however lighting only the pool leaves dark uninviting areas with shadows and possible trip hazards. Adding light to your backyard will give you a new outdoor room for parties or to enjoy a quiet tranquil evening at home.
Do you have a water feature? Adding light to a water feature can bring a new splendor to these attractions after dark. We can add visual sparkle to go along with the soothing sounds of your fountain, pond, or any body of water.

Don't forget your boat dock or deck. We can provide new creative lighting to make these structures safe and attractive.

You take pride in your property- why not double your enjoyment, with landscape lighting and provide safety and security at the same time. It is an investment that will start paying dividends now and in the future. A well designed, high quality, and properly installed landscape lighting system will add value to your property and make it shine with the stars.
At 1st Electric, we only sell quality fixtures and equipment. This ensures your landscape lighting will endure the test of time. Using cheaper fixtures is like throwing your money away. It will not look as good in the beginning and will frustrate you when it starts to fail and fall apart. The fixtures we use are made of the highest quality materials using the best design and construction methods in the industry. For this reason we can offer maintenance on all our installations. We will check your system on a regular schedule, for proper operation, lamp replacement, damage by others, re-aiming, cleaning, and testing. Service after the sale is why we are 1st.

When you select 1st Electric to design, install, and service your landscape lighting, you may very well enjoy seeing your home after dark even more than in the daylight.

We can put the finishing touch to your home and set it apart from the ordinary. Make your home even more attractive, safer, warm and inviting for friends; show off your home and landscaping while making it safer and too visible for the bad guys.

You will have a new pride in your home and be the envy of your neighbors.

Call today and have one of our lighting specialists show you what we can do for you.